Where is the GUESS Factory app available?

The GUESS Factory app is available on the iTunes App Store and Google Play via any iPhone or Android-based mobile device.

What features does the GUESS Factory app offer?

The GUESS Factory app delivers a customized shopping experience to your iPhone or Android device. The app allows our fans to receive exclusive mobile offers, notifications and promotions to redeem within the app. You will be able to find a store near you using the Store Locator and shop online directly from the app. In addition, you’ll be able to keep track of your orders and access your digital GUESS List card.

Can I store offers in Apple Wallet or Google Passbook?

Digital offers and your GUESS List card can be used directly within the Loyalty tab of the app. They cannot be stored in Apple Wallet or Google Passbook.

Can I sign up for GUESS List via the app?

Yes, signing up for GUESS List via the GUESS Factory app is easy. Enter your information directly into the app and experience the VIP treatment.

How do I connect my existing GUESS List account to the app?

Go to the Profile tab and sign in under My Account using your GUESS LIST login information. Your personalized GUESS List account will automatically load to the app.

Do I get GUESS List points for shopping via the app?

Yes, points are accrued based on all transactions within the app, abiding by the original GUESS List Terms and Conditions and pending points structure.

What if I forget my GUESS List card while shopping in a store?

No worries, your digital GUESS List card is featured in the Loyalty tab of the app when you link your account.

How do I change or update my GUESS List account information in the app?

Members can only update their personal information online at, or at any participating GUESS?, Inc. store.

How do I earn GUESS List points via the mobile app?

You can earn GUESS List points a few ways. You'll always earn points for your online, in-store and mobile app purchases linked with your GUESS List account. You can also earn points through the Challenges section in the Loyalty tab.

Why don't I see points from my most recent purchase?

Points may take up to 72 hours to load into the Loyalty tab. If after 72 hours you still do not see your points, contact Customer Care at 1-877-44-GUESS (1-877-444-8377).

Why is my Reward still pending?

A GUESS List Reward is not granted until you accumulate 200 earned points. If your account displays 200 points or higher but you are waiting on a reward, some of your points are still pending. Pending points are received through shopping but have not reached the threshold of our 30-day pending point policy (due to the ability to return). For a full breakout of your point status, log onto your account at or

My GUESS List digital card won’t scan. How do I use it in the store?

If a store associate is unable to scan you card, provide the associate with the email address or phone number linked to your account.

How do I redeem the offers in the Loyalty section of the app?

To redeem an offer within the app, tap to copy the code and apply the code at checkout. If you want to redeem an offer at a store, show the barcode below the offer to a store associate.

Will I be able to see all my orders in the app?

You will be able to view all orders made from and linked with your GUESS List account.

What do I do if I do not see my online order in my account?

Under Order History in the Profile tab, the shirt icon will allow you to view order information for GUESS Factory orders only. The hanger icon will show orders from other affiliated brands. If you still do not see your order, please contact Customer Care at 1-877-44-GUESS (1-877-444-8377).

Will the app show the status of an item I returned?

Returns will not show in the app. To view the status of your order, please visit or and log in using the email address provided when the order was placed. The status can be seen under My Account on the website.

How long will the app store my order history?

Upon download, the app will populate with all orders linked to your GUESS List account. When a new purchase is made from or while logged into your GUESS List account, the order will appear in the app and will be available for you to view.

How do I add a gift card to my account?

When you are logged in, select Gift Cards under My Account. Enter the card number to link the gift card to your GUESS List account.

What personal information does the app collect?

The personal information you provide as a GUESS List member will be handled and retained in accordance with the GUESS privacy policy located at or When you connect or sign in using your GUESS List account, the only information collected is the information provided when you signed up for the GUESS List program online or in store.

How does the app use my location?

The GUESS Factory app uses your location to provide you with relevant content and offers around your area. If you opt in to location services on the GUESS Factory app, you may be served location-based offers and notifications. You can stop receiving location-based offers by turning off the location services at any time within your phone’s settings.

Why do I see lines going through some of the text (text appears crowded or truncated) on my Android device?

Ensure the font settings on your Android device are set to normal. Large font size settings will cause display issues for certain sections of the app.